TGI Friday San Diego

We had decided that some sort of Mexican cuisine would go down well, and had identified a nearby Chipotle. Bex and I set off walking though the gaslight district admiring all the shops and the lights and the sound and the smells. We didn’t even get a block from our hostel before deciding that if we found some place palatable before we got to Chipotle then we’d eat there. After all we’re only in San Diego for two nights!

There were some pretty cool places but we happened upon a TGIs (honestly where did you think this was going?) and took a look at the menu and we were both floored. The prices were nearly half that of the Aussie TGIs. We wandered in and were seated.

I ordered the New York cheddar and bacon burger, and Bex had the fish and chips. We got sodas and our meals came quickly. Both were very good – the fish was tender and sweet and very crispy, and the burger was filled with flavour. Including the tip, we only paid $34 for the both of us.

We headed back toward home, Bex having seen a frozen yoghurt place earlier in the night. The way frozen yoghurt is done here is great. You get a cup, and they have about 12+ flavours. You fill the cup with whatever you want (it’s all soft serve style) and whatever toppings you want (imagine a Cold Rock selection of toppings) and pay $4 for a regular. You can also get a larger cup that charges per ounce, like 49c per ounce. 

With an episode of The Walking Dead to finish off our night, it was a pretty good date!